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21; April Showers
To celebrate the coming of spring, the deities have decided to start the season with a little bit of spring showers... in the form of photographs. Citizens will find, during random moments of the day, pictures of their lives (in and out of the City) pouring down from the sky, some more memorable than others, some more incriminating than others.

Players participating in this curse, feel free to leave/swap/discuss photographs here! Photos can fall from the sky right onto your character or after falling somehow wind up in an odd and convenient place for your character to discover later. Whatever works for you goes! Unlike most curses, the photographs from this curse will not disappear after the curse, your character may keep photos as souvenirs. However! City Sanitation employees will sweep up whatever's left of the photo shower from the streets the very next day, so if you do want the photograph to disappear by circumstances out of your character's control this is an option.

Please be mindful of size and content when embedding images in comments here and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask!
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Uber late;;; OTL

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Aion's photos for grabs!

Canon: Aion in demon form after Chrono is tamed, Dressing Joshua~, Young demon Aion with Pandaemonium's head during the rebellion, A photo of Aion when he's a kid though some may mistaken him for Chrono because his skin color is pale and hair color is dark

-Friendly dinner with Lilith eating homemade Indian food
-Aion in jeans and t-shirt with a quizzical look to his face
-Happily playing a carnival game with Chrono
-Argentine Tangoing with Rosette for a competition

Klarth's Photos for grabs!

-A picture of him waiting around camp fire with his friends while dinner's being cooked
-A picture of him hiding his porn under his bed
-A picture of him, Mirald, and Magnus flying paper airplanes on top of a hill
-A young Klarth secretly watching his mom spend her time all alone
-A picture of him flying on a Rheiard

-A picture of Klarth posing dressed up as a brown power ranger with his jangling accessories
-A picture of Klarth happily eating dinner with Jennifer Shibuya
-A picture of him chilling with Tyr
-A picture of him running away from Rita's fireball
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Multiple copies of all are fine and let me know if you need a link to what someone looks like! <3333
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Is it okay if Rita finds the one of Klarth watching his mother? :3
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=^W^= / Of course!! <33
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Hooray! :3 Since they stick around after the curse, Rita can bring it up to him anytime you'd like.
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Heee that would be awesome =;w;=! <33333 Yeah, I really love how they stick around~ So much potential plotting!
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Re: Uber late;;; OTL

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Karl would like the photo of Aion in his demon form, please xDDD
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Re: Uber late;;; OTL

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Most definitely~ >DDDDD b
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Re: Uber late;;; OTL

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aaaah, they're all so cute ;v; I love them all. I think Tyr will find the paper airplane one :3
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Re: Uber late;;; OTL

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Heee I'm glad~<333 No prob! I.. honestly don't know what Magnus looks like sadly tbh since that part of his background was elaborated via a Drama CD but just assume he's one of those handsome looking nerdy profs who's roughly 24 years old while Klarth and Mirald are 18 XDDDD b